Life, writing, etc.

And we cut to:

So 25 hours have past since the Script Frenzy challenge has started and I’m already up to 10 pages. I’m feeling good about it so far seeing as that I’m 1/10 of the way done with my script. Right now I think I’m just writing wistfully with a vague plan and its working so far but I’m going to have to really hammer down where I want to go with this and where its gonna take me. I’m having a great time so far and hope that I’ll be able to finish with something thats decent. I think that writing this is almost therapeutic for me. I’ve been in a funk all day today but once I started writing tonight I felt better. So theres that plus my Ro is back in town. I’m looking forward to seeing her again as I i’m going through some serious Ro withdraw. Going from seeing one of my best friends every three days or so to not seeing them for two weeks, to me, is a shock to my system. It’s all well and good though and look forward to our next coffee night. Theres a lot to catch her up on. Well not really but still. Other than that I’m going to end with a positive outlook for the rest of the month. You can read what I’ve written so far at . Tell me what you think and be honest. I thrive on feedback and hope i’m not too terrible at writing scripts. Farewell and goodnight.


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