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Whatever You’re Feeling, Put It In The Writing

So we’re at about the halfway mark for Script Frenzy and I’m a little behind. This is for several reasons. First off is I’m not sure where to take the story. I had a beginning and an end. Its coming up with that middle part thats troubling me and I want it to have substance not just filler. Another reason why this is coming up is that I feel I need to change the story just a little. When I first started with this challenge I was alone and looking for love and thats what I was feeling so I put it in the writing. Other things happened over the course of the next week an a half and that helped as well. Well now I’m in love and I want to put that feeling into the writing however I’m having trouble integrating it into the general story that I want to tell I think I’ll finish this script like I had originally planned and then start on a new one when I’m done with this first one. I’m at 44 pages so not too far behind. Hopefully I can get some writing done while at work.
Now as far as this last week of my life I can only say that words cannot describe the feelings that I am having. Sure there’s joy, happiness, contentment, elated, awesome, incredible, amazing, and delightful but none of those words really capture what I’m truly feeling. Its only been a week since Amanda and I went down this road that we’re taking yet it feels like we’ve been traveling this road for months. We want all the same things in life and relationship and that I think is key to what will make us great and make this last. She taught the kids how to make rice crispy treats last night and had them do all the work. She sent me a picture of the kids making them and it made my day. I never thought that one day I’d be with her. Its funny how things work out. I’m am very glad that they worked out the way they did because I’ve never been happier.


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