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Bliss Like This

Today’s pretty slow at work today so I’m taking advantage of this by writing more of my script. I’m proud to say that so far today i’ve been able to hash out 7 pages and the day is not even over. I am really enjoying where the story is going and it seems to have a life of its own. I know also have some more ideas to put into the story based on recent events.

Which brings me to last night. Amanda, Sandi and I all decided to go out to see the Peaks and Pasties burlesque show. My ex decided to invite both of them to the show as well. At first we were hesitant to go because we weren’t sure if drama would ensue if we did show up. From my understanding my ex is glad that Amanda and I are together because they are friends. Thats fine but that doesn’t mean I want to be her friend. My reasons are more that just the break up but I’m an adult and can choose whether or not to be friends with someone and quite frankly I would find the whole situation awkward. So regardless of it all we decided to go because I have no problems with my ex, I just want to be her friend. We had a great night. The show was awesome and we ended up leaving in the middle of it because I was STARVING. I just have to say that I love my friends. The discussions we have are fucking epic most times. So even though the night ended early it was still great. I’m glad that we were able to hang out with Sandi while she was down here, she’s good people. i also found out that my ex still cyberstalks me which I find kinda creepy. Oh well makes no difference to me. Amanda and I are in love and I’m looking forward to the future we’re gonna have together. It still puts me in awe at the fact that we ended up together. Life is good.


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