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And we cut to a dream sequence

So something quite interesting happened to me yesterday while at work. I was speaking with a customer that was pretty upset that she had to go through 2 other departments to get her issue fixed. What was the issue? A simple wireless password that she needed to get. She was complaining about being on the phone, already, for 45 minutes. I was quick at resolving her issue. She was extremely grateful and offered me a job. Now this isn’t the first time that this has happened. People say this all the time but they way this woman said it, I know that she was serious. Whats even more amazing is that she’s a director/writer/producer. She told me to send her my resume and gave me the website. Well I barely understood the name of the website so I didn’t catch it but I did write down her name. When I got home I looked her up and HOLY CHRIST! This woman has her own production company, worked or Paramount Pictures and has been in the business for 15 year. My jaw hit the floor. Now she doesn’t produce the kind of movies that I’m really all that into but still, she’s a major player in the industry. Now I know this is nothing but a pipe dream but I’m considering sending her not only my resume but also a copy of my script when its done. Who know’s what’ll happen. I doubt I’ll do anything like that but I just might. I’m not sure. Plus I really can’t see myself living in L.A. Oh well.

        My script is coming along very well, though. I am stuck a little on one part and am trying to force myself to write but that just ended with me taking 5 minutes to write 30 seconds of a scene with dialog. I’ll try again tonight. I am at 80 pages and I’m feeling really good about it. I’m hoping that it doesn’t completely suck. There are a lot of movies that get made that have not only atrocious writing but the plot is terrible too. Take for example a movie I watched last night. It was called Women in Trouble. here is the synopsis.

        “One crazy day in the lives of 10 wildly different women — including a porn star, psychiatrist, flight attendant, housewife, masseuse and others — forms the basis of this indie comedy from writer-director Sebastian Gutierrez.”

Sounds good right? Well it did to me at least. The beginning even was pretty good but that was it. It was all downhill from there. Some of the singular stories could have stood on their own as a good movie but they had to intertwine all of these stories together through the characters. It was so bad it was almost good but not quite. So hopefully my script isn’t as bad as this movie was. I like to think that I’m a good writer and that I can write better that but I could be deluding myself. However, writing is the only thing that I think that I can be good at. I never thought that I was a good photographer but I do think that I am, in some small way, a halfway decent writer. I’ll probably think differently once my script is done and I re-read it to edit it. To each their own I guess. Who knows? Maybe I’ll submit my resume and script to this director and my career will take off. I refuse to move to L.A. though. New York I could do but fuck L.A. Ah, one can dream.


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