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So You Wanna Become a Writer?

I’ve always been an artist. Whether it be drawing, painting, photography or writing I’ve always loved the arts. I consider myself a jack of all trades when it comes to art. I love all aspects of it. There is some art out there that I either don’t get or don’t appreciate but I think everyone is like that. I’ve loved art since I was a child. I loved looking at pictures, paintings, sculptures, etc. I would always be drawing or taking pictures with my little 110 film camera. This has continued on with me into my adult life. The art that I express the most now has been more focused on photography and writing. I love to write and I love to take photographs. Its what I do. Now if only I can make a living at it.

I recently found again that I love and miss writing. At the beginning of April I started a script and finished it before the month was over. I set it aside for a whole month and now I’m working on my second draft. I like that I’m able to look at it with fresh eyes and see what needs to be added, removed, changed, moved and whatnot. I’m very enthusiastic about it and my passion for writing has got me wanting to start new projects. I have decided, though, that I will finish my second draft before embarking on any new projects.

The first of the 2 projects I want to get started on is a web comic my friend Ro and I came up with late last year. I really want to start writing scripts for it so she can draw them but I’m holding firm to finishing my second draft before I do so. The other project I want to get started on is a compilation of experiences about live love and the rest. It will contain the life accounts of myself and 3 other friends about their love lives. I found myself starting to write it but then had to stop myself.

I am glad to know that I have found something to be passionate about again and I am going to take this further than I’ve taken anything in my life as far as what I want to do with my life. Its easy to write now that I have a muse and I am looking forward to finishing my second draft and getting started on these other projects. I think I finally know what I wanna be when I grow up. And I truly believe that I am good at this and will be great at it as I progress. Once my second draft is complete I’ll post it on my script blog so it you’d like to read it you can find it there. My first draft is posted right now and I would appreciate any feedback anyone may have about it. In the mean time I have more pages to review and edit.



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