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Scott Pilgrim vs The World

So I find that I am mildly obsessed with the Scott Pilgrim book series and upcoming movie.  I have no idea why but I was just captivated by it.  When I first saw the trailer for the movie I knew that this was the must see movie of the summer for me.  It is the one movie that I will actively go out and watch on opening night, if I can manage.  Well little did I know that the movie, like most movies these days, is based on a book.  More specifically a manga type of book.  Now I don’t go for manga.  I have never been interested in it and haven’t found any stories that are appealing to me.  This is probably due to never getting to anime but non the less I was shocked that it was a mangaey.  I read the first 5 books and the 6th and final one comes out on July 20th.  I can’t wait for it to come out.  The story is funny, I enjoy learning about each of the characters histories and how they all intertwine with one another. There are some great scenes in it and its thoroughly enjoying.  I find that the writing is not astounding but its a book meant for teen so its nothing that too bad.  I actually think I write a lot like that.  I’ve even got a few people at work interested in reading and liking it.

Well besides the book the movie comes out in August.  I must have watched both previews for the movie about a dozen times.  I can’t even remember the last time I was ever so interested in a movie so much that I would do that. I can already tell by the previews that its not a direct adaptation but there are a lot of scenes in it ripped directly from the book so I just hope it doesn’t suck.

Here’s the first preview

Here’s the longer one


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