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Coffee Raiders. Writing apps and more.

So my friend Ro and I are working on a web comic/graphic novel. We’re calling it Coffee Raiders. A Coffee Raid is a term that my friends and I use via Twitter, Facebook, etc to announce that we were getting together at the coffee shop to talk, hang out and relax.

Over the years we’ve amassed a large collection of stories while at coffee. Some are too out there to be true but sure enough they happened. Some of them are so memorable that we are constantly telling the same great stories to new people who have joined us over the years. In fact its gotten so bad that even the waitresses know some of them and have favorites.

It got to a point where one day while hanging out we came up with several ideas for these stories. One was a book tentatively titled No Shit There We Were. Another was just to post them in blog form online but we decided that the best way to be able to tell these stories was in comic format. This is because for some if not most of them you have to be there and see what was going on to truly get the true emotions of what was going on.

So now I’m writing the scripts and Ro is drawing the comic. Which brings me to my next topic: Writing applications.

When I started writing my novel for Nanowrimo last year I felt I needed something a little more than just text edit. Mainly because I needed a word counter in the program so I went out and looked at various programs. Because I use a Mac my options are different from the windows users. I tried Scrivener, WriteRoom and even MS word. Of these three I choose WriteRoom. I like how it had many different customizable options and the ability to go full screen and write without distractions.

Well I was not able to finish nanowrimo and felt like a failure. Well lucky for me I found out about Script Frenzy which took place in April. 100 pages in 30 days. Seems like it’d be hard but I was up for the challenge. Again I was faced with finding the right tool for the job.

This was a little bit different because this was a script. Format is a big deal and I wanted to get it right. First I tried Celtx. I like the feel but something about it didn’t sit right with me. Possibly it was the way I had to change between the different types of writing e.g. Scene heading, action, dialog, parentheticals, and cuts.

Next I tired Scrivener again for script writing and I loved it. I was lucky enough that I was able to get a 30 day trial with the program because of Script Frenzy. Even though it cost 40.00 bucks I will own this program. There is just so much to it that it makes things so easy to write with. The changing of writing sections was very intuitive and made things very easy.

Other people may like other programs for their own reasons but Scrivener works for me.

I bring this up because again as I’m writing I’m stuck with finding the right tool for the job. Until I get the money for it, Scrivener is unavailable. So I’m back to using Celtx.

I find it interesting though how similar writing a comic is to writing a scripts. It makes it so much easier to get into since i’ve already completed a script.

So thats whats on the front burner for now. I can’t wait to see some of the finished artwork. If I can I may post some before we go live with the web comic.

Until next time.


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