Life, writing, etc.

Hooray for Productivity!

So tonight I went out for coffee with Manna, my fiance for the uninitiated, and Cleo and had a great time. We had a coffee raid and had a blast. We talked about life, whats going on, what we wished we could be doing and what not. It was great. Then we got to work.

Cleo is the artist who will be drawing Coffee Raiders. i cannot tell you how amazing of an artist she is. She’s working on the story boards for the web comic and they are looking pretty good.

See for yourself.


This is just one of the panels that we’ve come up with. I’ve covered up the text because Cleo wants it to be a surprise for readers.

Now this is no where near what she can actually do artistically. We wanted to keep the comic look simple, that way she can draw them up and get them done more quickly. If she went all out this would look a lot more detailed and realistic.

We had a brilliant and productive brain storming session this evening. Manna also got into it and came up with some great ideas. So now there are three of us working on this. We’ve come up with 30 different scripts so I’m going to be busy for the next couple of days writing and revising them to make sure they’re perfect. Then I’ll give them to Cleo and she’ll draw them up send me the finished comic.

I think that with the three of us tackling this project we’ll actually produce something and follow through with it. Cleo and I are notorious for starting projects and not finishing them. Manna is excited to be involved and is looking forward to getting the site launched. I think she was the missing piece of the puzzle that kept us from completing anything we started.

So I’ve decided that I’m not going to be using iWeb or Rapidweaver because I’ve found that WordPress has a theme that is specifically designed for web comics. I’ve lined up a hosting service which is very reasonable and will be setting up the site soon.

Things are looking great and I can’t wait until we launch. I’ll post with a solid launch date once I’ve determined when the site will go live.

Stay tuned



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