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Quick Rant

What the hell was I thinking when I got involved with such a god awful woman. Was I really that lonely that I decided that this was the best I could do? Hindsight is 20-20 they say and I wish that sight when I was looking forward.

Frustrated doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of emotions I have towards this woman. Yes she is the mother of my children but that is the only redeeming quality that she has or has ever had. She’s lazy leaches off others, including the government, self righteous, ignorant, stupid, manipulative a plight on society and my kids and an all around bad person. I’ve never known anyone so terrible in my life.

She is the one who already has two other children from two other men who she doesn’t even see because she gave them up when she was a teenager. She continues not to be able to see them to this day because she’s a druggie and ended up over dosing and refused to go into rehab so her mother, who has her other kids, will not let her see them.

Now she thinks that because she watches her own children a few more days than what the divorce decree states that she’s better than me. Some how I’m a bad father because even though I work full time I’m barely making ends meet and sometimes rely on her partly 50 dollar a month child support payment.

She’s even manipulating my children into having them think that I’m not a good father. Now I’m not saying I’m perfect, I have my flaws, but I’m a far better parent than she will ever be. Lets compare.

I have a job and don’t rely on any kind of support other than child support. She collects monthly “disability” checks from social security and has a husband with a full time job. She also gets food stamps and other support.

I live in a 4 bedroom house where both kids have their own rooms and spaces. She lives in a two bedroom fourplex with her husband and mother in law. When the kids aren’t at her house the mother inlaw uses the kids rooms.

I just recently spent over 300.00 on them for school supplies and new clothes including new shoes for my daughter with give a good inch for her to grow into. She hasn’t paid her child support this month but is buying my daughter another pair of shoes which will be a size too big for her.

My house, while not spic and span, is not full of bugs and smells like an animal shelter where hers does.

So who’s the worse parent here. I wish I could just get her rights terminated, unfortunately the laws in this state suck bad and usually favor the mother. I just go luck.

Sorry, rant was longer than I though.


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