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Coffee Raid

Over the last few years I’ve started a lot of projects A few I was able to complete but most of them were lost to obscurity. They were all great ideas and I really did want to follow through with them. A year and a half ago my friend Robin came to me and wanted to try to make t-shirts out of some characters that she drew. I got the site set up. Threw down some money for the domain and set forth to make this a reality. It ended up on the back burner and we only realized this once the time came to renew the domain name. We decided against it and let that dream fade. Fast forward to today. In just a few minutes we will be launching a project that will have been able to complete.

Four months ago I had the brilliant idea to start a web comic. What brought on this idea is that for many years we would go out to a late night diner, have coffee and discuss whatever came to mind. We have so many stories that we find ourselves telling and retelling them to anyone and everyone we know or even don’t know. I realized that since we had all these stories that we needed to share them on a grander scale. There was talk of a book and even a website but the idea of a web comic seemed, to me, like it was the best way to be able to tell these stories.

I proposed my idea to Robin and like usual we started planning with gusto. I started writing furiously and once I had a few scripts I gave them to Robin so she could begin writing. We got a couple of comics done but things began to slow down. It wasn’t until our friend Amanda learned of the project when things began to take off. She kept us on task and got involved with promoting the comic. She even helped write some of the scripts.

So now after many months of hard work, great fun and MANY cups of coffee we are launching a project that we are proud of. I can’t wait to see the reception of it. I hope people like it as much as we do. And if your interested in reading it please check it out at


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