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Comics and Vegas

Tonight I will be posting the second comic of Coffee Raiders. I have taken measures to make sure the posting goes smoothly this time. There were some other minor edits that had to be made. I made a few tweaks to the site as well. Nothing major, just some house cleaning stuff. I’m very happy that the pilot was so well received. I hope that we can keep up this momentum and continually gain more readers with each passing week.

In other news I will be leaving for Las Vegas in just over a week. This will be my first real vacation that doesn’t involve any kind family celebration. I’m really excited about the trip because I will be able to see my old friend and party buddy.

We have a few things planned out. There’s the standard fare of cruising the strip, going downtown, gambling, seeing a show, etc.

One of the shows I’m going to see is from Cirque du Soleil called Zumanity. I’m told its part burlesque and part cabaret. It should prove to be entertaining. Also I’m finally going to be able to try In n Out Burger. I know that isn’t that exciting but everyone from California always raves that they have the best burgers so I will have to give one a try.

I will make sure that the comics do post on time while I’m away. If I don’t It might be because I was too drunk to post them in a timely manner. I’m going to schedule them ahead of time so that they auto post but that feature hasn’t been working properly for some reason. I’ll try to set up a backup plan in case the unforeseen happens.

Incase you don’t already know you can read the web comic at



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